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Company Profile

Singardo is established in the 1970s as Singardo Trading Pte Ltd. Singardo have dealt with many products ranging from palm oil, coffee to sundry goods mainly exporting to Indonesia but finally settled down with the piping industry. We were the first company to introduce ductile iron pipes to the local Singapore market with our source from Japan of brand name Kurimoto.

In the late 1980s, after Japan product prices started to soar at an unprecedented rate, we came into contact with Electrosteel Casting Limited. We eventually became the first export market for Electrosteel India for their ductile iron pipes and by the early 90s, Electrosteel became the market leader in Singapore.

In order to establish ourselves as a full solution provider we started to expand our product range so that we can offer customer the whole system of solutions. In the 1990s, we started dealing in valves, being the agent of AVK.

With Singardo’s continued growth, Singardo Trading Pte Ltd was reorganised as Singardo International Pte Ltd in 2003 with new angel investors.

Through the 2000s, we have continued to grow with new product ranges and in 2007 we managed to achieve a L6 grade (highest grade) for supply of pipe products. With this L6 grade, we will be able to participate in supplying to the largest scale government projects tender.

Furthering our expansion will be new product ranges. In 2006 we became the agent for Tyco Water Works, which resulted in an expansion of our valve product range. In 2009, we entered the gas utilities market with a whole new range of transmission system clinching the sole distributorship rights for Egeplast (HDPE Pipes) and Friatec (HDPE Fittings), both of them from Germany. In just a year, we have approximately clinched 40 - 50% of the HDPE gas market.

In 2013, we have again successfully entered a new sector of supply, the HVAC/ACMV market. We were awarded a project that utilises PPR-CT piping system for HVAC chilled water piping usage. With this we were awarded the sole distributorship for Baenninger from Germany, a supplier of PP-RCT piping system.

In 2016, we have obtained the PEX system distributorship from Wavin and in a short 6 months secured numerous projects amounting close to a Million Singapore Dollars worth of PEX order.

On the international front, Singardo also managed to secure their first project in Yangon, Myanmar in 2013. In the same year, we have started to actively participate in tenders from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In 2016, we have also secured an airport water main supply project in Jakarta, Indonesia. With our recent push on internationalising Singardo’s business, we are now active in Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

After 40 years of establishment, Singardo is still constantly looking for new high-quality products with leading technology to introduce into the market. Singardo has never been just a supplier but a complete solution and service provider. With a committed team in Singardo, a strong base on Singapore and a promising start in the region, we hope to eventually grow to become a major pipe solutions provider in South-East Asia.


  • 1970s

    Singardo Trading is the first to import Kurimoto (Japan) brand Ductile Iron pipes outside Japan domestic market

  • 1990s

    Singardo Trading grew to become one of the key suppliers in Singapore for Ductile Iron pipes with Electrosteel (India) brand.

    Singardo Trading distributes AVK brand valves for the water and gas industry and soon became one of the key market leaders in valves supply.

  • 2002 – 2005

    Singardo clinched major Singapore PUB water treatment plants supply of Ductile Iron pipes to several civil and pipe-laying contractors worth several millions of SGD

  • 2003

    2003 – Singardo is known as Singardo International Pte Ltd or “SI”

  • 2005

    Started “SI” own brand of Ductile Iron gate valves with local testing approval

  • 2006

    SI has been selected by Tyco Water Works Asia to represent all its valves and appurtenances products in the water industry

  • 2007

    Singardo attained L6 grade(highest) for SY12 supply of pipes category and L5 grade (up to S$15Million) for SY09 supply of of mechanical materials products & components by BCA (Building Construction Authority) Singapore.

  • 2009

    SI appointed the Singapore agency rights for Germany’s leader in HDPE pipes (egeplast) and HDPE fittings (Friatec)

  • 2013

    SI appointed the Singapore agency rights for Baenninger. Germany’s leader in PPR Pipes and Fittings and clinched our 1st HVAC (ACMV) project using PPR-CT in Singapore (Ng Teng Fong Hospital)

  • 2016

    SI appointed the Singapore agency rights for Wavin Tigris K1 PEX System.