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    • All purchase orders received from customers(s) imply the general acceptance of our general sales terms & conditions (T&C) by them.
    • These T&C shall be irrevocable and any special clause / other terms shall not be entertained or validated unless specifically agreed by us in writing.
    • All Purchase Orders (POs) issued by the customer(s) indicating their own sets of T&C shall not be validated unless obtaining an exclusive acceptance confirmation from us, which may appear on the order acknowledgement.
    • All prices are calculated on the basis of quantity as indicated in the These prices shall be final. In the event of changes in quantities and sizes/model by the customer, we reserved the final right to amend the prices.
    • The prices will be valid for this order and we reserve the right to review the prices on a six(6) months basis, or there is a force majeure (e.g. strike, war, epidemic etc).
    • Delivery will be made as per our acceptance of customer’s PO clear in all respect.
    • Delivery can be made within 10 working days if stocks are available at our warehouse, else on indent basis in which we shall suitably advise the customers on the delivery lead-time.
    • Information given on delivery timing does not constitute to the final obligation and commitment from our We will not be held accountable for delay due to sudden stock out situation and or any situation beyond our control.
    • We reserve the rights to stop the delivery anytime due to the following reasons such as, but not restricted to:
      • When payment terms (including credit period and credit limit) are not complied with by the customer(s) prior to the delivery of goods.
      • In the event of any unforeseen situations which are beyond our control (Force Majeure clause).
    • The goods shall be delivered to venue/location specified and indicated by the customer in their written PO(s). For any change in the delivery venue/location, written confirmation must be sent and acknowledge by us before delivery is/are effected. We reserved the rights to charge for additional transport cost in case this is not adhered to In the event venue/location is not specified in written format, we shall deemed that the goods shall be self-collected from our warehouse.
    • All Delivery Orders (D/O) issued with accompanying goods delivered must be signed upon receipt of goods by the customer and or its’ authorized We reserved the right to refuse delivery in case the D/O is not signed.
    • All signed D/Os shall be treated as final acceptance of goods for raising invoices.
    • The payment terms shall be indicated in our invoices generated for each D/O issued
    • An interest of 1% per month (12% a.) will be payable for delay in payment for the period exceeding the granted credit term stated in our invoice.
    • Warranty shall be for a period of 12 months duration from date of D/O signatory with an acceptance or acknowledgement of a Any other period/duration or special conditions of warranty shall require written consensus to be agreed by us exclusively.
    • We shall not be responsible for any damages / losses due to improper handling or use of the goods supplied.
    • Warranty shall be absolutely voided in the event that any form of repair / modification works are carried out to the goods without obtaining our prior written consent.
    • In case of product failures due to material defects or similar nature thereof, our liabilities are only restricted and limited to the replacement of the supplied materials.
    • The goods sold by us are solely designated for Singapore domestic market only and cannot be re-exported out of Singapore without our written consent.
    • We reserve the right to seek onward legal actions against any customer should clause being breached.
    • The terms & conditions of all contracts, POs and quotations offer furnished / received for the sales of goods shall be entirely governed by and construed in accordance with the gazetted laws of the Republic of Singapore.